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Cris Guenter
Cris Guenter5.0 out of 5 stars Durable and easy to clean! Pleases dogs and cats!
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I recently purchased the FlingerZ as a gift for a neighbor and her dog. Both knew what to do with it immediately--throw ball from launcher, chase, fetch, and do again! The launcher and balls are sturdy and clean up easily. I actually kept the second ball for my cats. Yes, the cats. The design of the ball allows them to snag, grab, and manipulate the ball besides rolling it. Very pleased with product.
Sarah Gault
Sarah Gault At first I was unsure but it's great!
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I was given one of these as a gift. My dog has a ton of energy and I need to help him burn off some everyday or else... When I saw the toy I was unsure about it as the handle has to poke into the slot hole of the ball. I thought it would be tricky to line it up to connect the ball. I was wrong! It is super easy and the ball actually whistles as you throw it so my dog goes bananas. I have also read that tennis balls are not great for dogs so I am happy that we now have this option. This thing is pretty cool. They didn't invent the idea, they just improved on it and my dog seriously loves it. Very cool product! I highly recommend getting it for your own furry friend or giving one as a gift.
Ludes Great ball thrower that makes noise!
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We bought this for our dog because she always had a hard time keeping her eyes on the ball and half the time I ended up having to go find the tennis ball for her. With this one, it is bright yellow so it is easy to see and it whistles when you launch it making it very easy for her to follow. We have been using this "flinger" for a few weeks and it is an excellent toy. It is easy for me to throw and my dog is always watching and listening for the ball. I highly recommend this to anyone who has used a ball launcher with their dog--this will change the way your dog fetches for you! Great product, got here fast and very durable.
rosesk19My dog loves it so far!
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We just started playing with the Flinger and it's already a hit! My puppy loves the ball and I like how easy it is to throw a good distance. We haven't had it that long, but it seems super durable so far and I'll update after playing with it for a while. UPDATE: I also added some peanut butter inside the ball and he loves it even more!
Michael A Saber
Michael A SaberThis Is An Amazing Dog Toy!!!
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We bought one of these a week ago, and our dog Poppy can't get enough of it. This thing is SO much better than other toy launchers. The ball is much easier to engage on the ground, and flinging it into the air is very easy. And the ball toy seems to be very durable. We put treats into the ribs of the toy, and it drives our Poppy dog crazy. Oh --- and the toy WHISTLES when it's slung in the air. So cool!!! --------- Shouting out (in a good way) to FLINGERZ! Great product!
Joe Hale
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Since the moment we opened this Flingerz Ultra Durable Whistling Ball Launcher, we played with it nonstop - and my dog has never gotten this much exercise! I highly recommend it to every owner of a dog. It's sturdy and well made, easy to use and launch, and will provide hours of fun for you and your dog. Saves your arm from constantly throwing a ball, too.
Philip E. Laramore
Philip E. LaramoreKeep Your Hands Clean
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This is a great way to play catch with you dog without getting your hands sloppy and wet. The ball has slots in it so when your dog drops it you can put the end of the thrower through the ball and sling it. This eliminates picking up a wet drooled on ball every throw. It travels really far to keep your pooch in top shape without wearing out your throwing arm. A lot of balls can harm your dog with chemicals or too hard surfaces that can hurt your dogs teeth (tennis balls, lacrosse balls, baseballs etc) but this is a great soft feel for your dog that won't hurt his teeth or expose him to chemicals or have pieces come off and get stuck in his/her gut. Hours of fun!
Louis Mazza
Louis Mazza4 paws and 5 stars - best fetch toy yet!
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Could not be happier with this toy (my dog really likes it too!) It's the perfect size and throws the ball a mile. My dog loves the whistling and the fact that I can stash a few treats in the ball too. The stick is super durable so I don't have to worry about him chewing it to pieces..... it comes in a cool package too, that's just a bonus.
AnitaSo much fun!
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My dog Tucker is rough on toys but the Flingerz has been by far his favorite go to. The balls are so easy to play with and pick up and chew. The balls are very sturdy and will last forever! The handle makes it easy to throw the ball and will save my shoulder in the future. Thanks for such a great toy!
Shofner Tough, durable and easy to use. Our dog loves it!
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We love our new Flingerz dog toy! It is the ultimate fetch toy! Our dog loves the ball and the whistling sound it makes in the air. I enjoy not having to pick up a slobbery ball! It’s very easy to slide the ball on to the handle and throw the ball. Treat yourself and your dog to one today!
Edward Zelinsky
Edward Zelinskya great product
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We bought one of the Flingerzs for a friend who works with rescue dogs. She reports that the dogs absolutely love the texture of the ball and that the handle is grip friendly and design unique. Its a really great product at a very modest cost.
Stephanie C
Stephanie CSo much fun!
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We purchased this toy for our two 6-month -old pups. While they knew how to play fetch, neither was ever really a super fan. This toy changed the game for them! They love the rubber ball and will often play with it on their own. It is easy for them to pick up and run with and for the humans, the stick picks up the ball so easily. The ball soars each time it is thrown. We are definitely ordering another!
WhitneyMy dogs love this!
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My two yellow labs loved this dog toy. They have so much fun fetching the ball and it burns so much energy. They stand by the toy when they wake up every morning.
Amazon Customer
Amazon CustomerWhere can I get more balls?
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Bought two of these for Christmas gifts for the grand dogs. Had to open one just to test it and it's great, but the ball is the BEST. Very easy to pick up with the flinger stick and my hands don't get slimy! I threw several different balls and she always went for this one. I would love to be able to just purchase additional balls since she tends to lose them down ditches, etc.
Greg R
Greg RGreat dog toy!
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Our doodle loves this dog toy! The ball is very durable and has survived our doodle who usually destroys everything! The launcher makes throwing the ball effortless and mess free. I no longer have to pick up the slimy ball. It is really easy to insert the launcher into the ball to pick it back up. Easy for me and fun for my dog......I love it!
Amazon Customer
Amazon CustomerQuality Dog Toy
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We love this toy. It is so easy to throw an pick back up again. No more grabbing slobbery balls off the ground and the stick allows you to launch the ball so much further than if you were to through it. We are very pleased! I'll be getting is as a gift for all my dog loving friends.
corey t condit
corey t conditFavorite Fetch Toy
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My dog's new favorite fetch toy. I love how it's hands-free pick up, no more slobbery hands! The ball is durable and lightweight for easy throw. Highly recommend.
Al from MD
Al from MDGreat product that keeps dogs coming back for more
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We love our Flingerz and, most importantly, our dog is nuts for it! I have the Chuckit and that has been fun, but the Flinger is the toy that he goes back to again and again. He can’t wait to go to the backyard for another round of catch.
Piano Teacher
Piano TeacherFantastic Fetch!
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Totally fun for our doggie and for us! Will order for all his buddies!!!!
Alexandra Best Preschlack
Alexandra Best PreschlackHours of fun and no mess!
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My dogs LOVE this toy! Hours of fun in the house, backyard or beach WITHOUT having to touch a muddy/wet ball! The ball is also extremely durable and withstands my dog's chewing. Highly recommend!

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