About Us

At Flingerz, we understand that your pets are not just pets — they are an inseparable part of our families. The love we have for our 4-legged family members goes beyond the norm.
The team that makes up the Flingerz family spends 24/7 working on new ways to bring fun & play into the lives of our favorite animals so the human/pet bond can grow stronger daily.
We have worked for over 25 years to design and innovate play toys for your pets that deliver Tail Waggin’ Fun. Our pets smile with their tails and there is no better reward for us than seeing the wagging tails of our best friends as they play with one of our Flingerz toys. We strive to design and deliver the safest products utilizing the highest quality materials in each of our toys. When your pet’s  tail wags and they smile, we smile. That is the ultimate reward for the Flingerz family!


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